Stress and trauma: designing content that helps

Rachel has long dark hair combed to the right, wearing dark brown horn-rimmed glasses. Her nose is pierced with a stud, and she smiles warmly.When we’re stressed or traumatised, it’s harder to understand and process information. But those are also the moments when we need information to help us navigate our choices.

In this talk we’ll look at ways to design content that helps. We’ll look at some of the assumptions we might make and how to avoid them. And we’ll discover how content can empower and help, if we do it right.


Rachel is a senior content designer at Content Design London.

She spent over a decade working at the Scottish Parliament, where she became interested in content design as a way to help people understand policy, services, and their rights. She is particularly interested in applying trauma informed principles to content design.

When she’s not at work, she’s in her garden, spoiling her dog, or writing articles for a local food magazine.