Accessibility Scotland 2023

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  • Alistair is shown outside against a bright blue sky and water. His hair is in a side parting, and he has a short white beard and thin-rimmed glasses. He is wearing a light blue shirt and light grey cardigan.

    Alastair Somerville

    Accessibility and autonomy in cultural attractions: Invitations, welcomes and information architectures for independence.

  • Craig has very short black hair and stubble. He's smiling and wearing a black demin shirt.

    Craig Abbott

    Beyond accessibility regulations.

  • Beverly is pictured in a field, crouching in front an metal gate.

    Beverley Newing

    So you pitched for accessibility – and now you’re leading on it.

  • Rachel has long dark hard combed to the right, she wearing dark brown horn-rimmed glasses. Her nose is pierced with a stud and she is smiling.

    Rachel Edwards

    Stress and trauma: designing content that helps.

  • Priyanca has long dark curly hair and brown eyes. She smiles and stands against a leafy green tree on a cheery, sunny day.

    Priyanca D’Souza

    Intersectionality and lived experience in inclusive design

“Top quality talks on a variety of topics – a fantastic experience I’m still learning from weeks later.”

“Eye-opening, provoking, affirming.”

“Genuinely one of the best conferences I’ve attended.” – Laura Kalbag