COVID-19 guidance

This COVID-19 guidance is designed to prioritise the health and safety of all attendees, staff, and participants at Accessibility Scotland in compliance with the current guidelines set forth by the Scottish Government and public health authorities.

Do you have a Covid policy?

No. We trust the recommendations of highly qualified people in the public health authorities; as such, we will only develop policies we are qualified to create. This is why we provide advice from public health authorities and have not made a policy.

Is the conference provided online for anyone who can’t attend in person?

We would love to provide a hybrid or online stream to complement our in-person event. However, we currently don’t have the funds to support this. If you would like to make a donation to support us to do this, you can do so on our Give as you Live donation page. Please note that all our talks will be published on our website for free after the event.

Are delegates required to wear face coverings?

Although there is no longer a legal requirement in Scotland to wear a face covering, we recommend that everyone attending the event continues to do so when in busy areas or when moving around the building. This is, however, at the discretion of each attendee. The venue comprises several auditoriums, and other events will likely happen at the same time as ours, so general areas are likely to be busy.

Do delegates need to do a Lateral Flow Test (LFT) before arriving?

Whilst carrying out LFTs is no longer a requirement, delegates may wish to consider doing a LFT as part of their risk reduction measures.

Do you provide face masks and sanitisers?

We don’t provide face coverings for delegates, but the EICC venue does supply hand sanitiser via the free standing units at the entrance to the venue and in other key locations such as cloakrooms and toilets.

Can delegates shake hands?

We would recommend against this as minimising physical contact reduces the spread of viruses and infection.

Can you outline the venues cleaning regime?

The EICC venue have increased the frequency of cleaning and sanitising all high touch points. Toilets are also checked and cleaned on an increased basis throughout the day/evening.

What is being done to maintain cleanliness of tech kit, e.g. sharing mics?

The Technicians have sanitising products to clean any shared items after each person has used them.

What happens at lunch / how is it served?

Lunch is served in line with all current government guidelines.  Catering will be served from catering stations to avoid self-service and to further assist with reducing transmission.

What happens if a delegate develops Covid symptoms / tests positive during the event?

If someone develops symptoms while at the venue, they must wear a face covering (which can be obtained by the venue if need be), keep at least 2m distance from others and leave the venue ASAP.

The venue has a medical room that can be used for isolation purposes if the delegate does not have an alternative place to isolate in the first instance.

They may be asked to carry out an LFT while in the isolation room.  If symptoms develop whilst they are at their hotel, they should stay there, and not come to the venue.