Accessibility and improved User Experience for all

At Accessibility Scotland 2018 Curt Holst talked about how traditionally accessibility is considered a component of usability focusing on people with disabilities but is often not seen as a powerful opportunity to innovate.

Building upon the work of The Paciello Group and Microsoft, Curt talks about how Barclays uses Inclusive Design to support its aim of becoming the most inclusive bank in the world.

Building end to end accessibility at the BBC

At Accessibility Scotland 2018 Paul Bepey described how the BBC have built an inclusive accessibility model across its backstage systems. This includes building accessibility in Procurement, Recruitment through to building inclusive design and BBC staff work producing content.
Paul talked about the journey the BBC has taken to get here and things they have learned along the way.

Design for everyone

At Accessibility Scotland 2017, Susan Fulton talked about the ethos of designing inclusively within our built environment and elaborating upon the reasons why inclusive schemes should be provided. She also highlighted some of the barriers facing both the designers and society.
Susan provided some great examples of how designers can achieve an inclusive design.