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View from the back of the room as Graham Pullin addresses delegates. He stands beside a slide showing an old Nokia mobile phone with the heading 'Accessibility in many ways'.
Graham Pullin speaking at Accessibility Scotland 2017

Tickets are now on sale! If you wish to either sponsor or apply for a sponsored ticket, please review the details further down the page.

Both regular and sponsored tickets cost £60.

We process credit/debit payments via Stripe. If you have payment issues or must use a different method please email us at

Get your ticket (Opens third-party ticket tailor website)

Problems with purchasing tickets?

While we pride ourselves on walking the talk, unfortunately, we have been unable to source a ticketing platform that is going to work easily for everyone.

If this impacts you, please email us at and we will help.

Apologies for the less than ideal service.

Sponsored tickets

Whilst we want to keep conference tickets affordable, we understand that not everyone might be able to attend.

This is why we have created the option to sponsor tickets.

Sponsored tickets are tickets for underrepresented groups.

If you purchase any number of sponsored tickets (for example 2 to 5 would be ideal), we will ensure that they go to people who could not enjoy the conference without your help.

These might be vulnerable people, students or guests who can greatly benefit from participating but are held back by their circumstances.

If you purchase sponsored tickets, we will happily display your organisation’s logo along with the link to your site on our website. Please email us at to request this.

We will also include a paragraph that describes your organisation – so that you could join the ranks of those, who care about accessibility, inclusion and the power of knowledge sharing!

How to purchase sponsored tickets

  • Sponsored tickets can be purchased along with general admission tickets.
  • Visit our ticket box office to buy tickets.

How to apply for a sponsored ticket

Write to us at and we’ll take the conversation from there.