Keeping things inclusive

Accessibility Scotland is a not for profit. We want to be as inclusive as we can. Keeping the attendance fee low is an important part of this. This is possible by keeping things simple, through the kindness of our speakers, and from the generosity of sponsors.

Several delegates sitting at a circular table. David Sloan is leading a conversation on a topic suggested by delegates on the day.
Delegates talk with David Sloan in an open session at Accessibility Scotland 2017.

What do we need sponsorship for?

Keeping things simple is one thing; making it accessible is another which brings additional costs. These are the sort of things that sponsorship helps us include:

  • BSL translators.
  • Live captions.
  • High quality videos of the sessions.
  • Captions for the videos.
  • Accessible venue.

We are also looking to live up to the ‘Scotland’ in our name. Circumstances make it significantly easier to run the conference in Edinburgh but we are planning to run small quarterly gatherings across Scotland where folks are interested. Sponsorship can also help in this work.

What do we offer to sponsors?

As if being visibly associated with such an awesome event wasn’t enough, we also offer all sponsors, big and small, the following:

  • Your logo with a link on this website.
  • Lovingly crafted thank you tweets on the day of the event.
  • A blog post on our website and promotion of it – we are happy to share the writing load.
  • Space on the day for your pop-up stand and any material you want to give to attendees.
  • If you sponsor us for more than £200 then we will give you two free tickets. You can use them yourself or you can donate them and we will work hard to ensure they are offered to someone who might need them.

Diversity tickets

Whilst we want to keep conference tickets affordable, we understand that not everyone might be able to attend.

This is why we have created an option of sponsorship for diversity tickets.

If you purchase any number of entry tickets (2-5 would be ideal), we will ensure that they go to people who could not enjoy the conference without your help.

These might be vulnerable people, students or guests who can greatly benefit from participating but are held back by their circumstances.

If you purchase diversity tickets, we will happily display your organisation’s logo along with the link to your site on our website.

We will also include a paragraph that describes your organisation – so that you could join the ranks of those, who care about accessibility, inclusion and the power of knowledge sharing!

How to help

Write to us at hello@accessibility.scot and we’ll take the conversation from there.