Doors open & Coffee


Accessibility and possibility

Accessibility is often––is usually––framed in terms of removing barriers and solving problems. And in the light of so much exclusion, this is of course a valid and important perspective. Yet there are other frames of mind in which to engage with inclusion: more open-ended; more open-minded. This talk will introduce examples of exploratory projects such as Social Sewing and the Inclusive Fashion & Design Collective, that open up new possibilities for access, to services and to each other.

Graham Pullin


Euan's Guide: using the accessibility of digital technology to connect people, places and possibilities

Kiki MacDonald and Paul Ralph will discuss the journey of building the disabled access review site, Euans Guide, including some of the challenges and opportunities that digital accessibility has brought. 

Kiki MacDonald and Paul Ralph


Design for Everyone

Susan will talk about the ethos of designing inclusively within our built environment and elaborating upon the reasons why inclusive schemes should be provided. She will also highlight some of the barriers facing both the designers and society. Susan will also provide examples of how designers can achieve an inclusive design.

Susan Fulton


Lunch break


Open conversation

A space where you can discuss the topics you are interested in, ask questions, or just listen in if you prefer. Note that this is an experiment - we hope it works!

The idea is for you to propose discussion topics, we will arrange things so that each table has a topic of discussion at it and you can engage with whichever one you are interested in. You can also play a butterfly and flit between discussions, cross pollenating ideas. 

If we are inundated with topics (here's hoping) we will put up a voting sheet on the day.

Propose a topic of discussion


Accessible Everyone

When we are designing services with accessibility in mind there are so many different things that we need to think about. Who benefits from an accessible system, what sort of challenges do we as developers and designers need to overcome, and…what is meant accessibility in the first place!?

This talk will introduce the concept of ‘accessible everyone’ where we can look at the permanent, temporary, and situational accessibility challenges that are faced by members of society. We’ll look at the similarities and differences that exist between these ideas and how we can use them to think about accessible services that can help everyone.

Michael Crabb


Why Inclusive Design Is Like Cooking Curry

Cooking a good curry is superficially complex, and quite time consuming. There are a lot of ingredients and steps to remember. But once you've learned a few core principles, you start turning out a lot less flavorless gloop. With practice you can even get quite inventive, confident that no culinary disasters are imminent.

Heydon Pickering


Retreat to the bar

The wonderfully helpful folk at Euans Guide have suggested an accessible pub very close to the venue for a post-conference beer.

We'll be heading to the Mezzanine in the Haymarket Bar on 11-14a West Maitland Street. It's five minutes walk from the venue.