Inside and outside of digital

What can digital learn from traditional non-digital fields about creating better services that work for more people?

This one day conference will explore accessibility perspectives from both inside and outside of digital. 

Join the discussion and help identify areas of crossover and provide insight, so we can all create products and services that are inclusive and effective for everyone.

About us

Accessibility Scotland is a not for profit idea from David Sloan, Peter Heery, Wojtek Kutyla, and Kevin White. If you have any questions please do feel free to contact us!

COSLA Conference Centre, Edinburgh (Opens in a new window)

Friday 22nd September 2017

A day of talks in a fully accessible venue. Good coffee at hand and light lunch provided. Interesting people to spend time with. Working wifi.


Open conversation

Not quite a full unconference but a space where you can discuss the topics you are interested in. Note that this is an experiment - we hope it works!

The idea is for you to propose discussion topics, we will arrange things so that each table has a topic of discussion at it and you can engage with whichever one you are interested in. You can also play a butterfly and flit between discussions, cross pollenating ideas.

If we are inundated with topics (here's hoping) we will put up a voting sheet on the day.

Propose a topic of discussion